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Every year the United Way Foundation engages in a Day of Caring where they perform service projects at places like schools, parks and homes.

This year, United Way teamed up with US Synthetic, a local company in Orem, to offer a helping hand at Sunrise Preschool. At our preschool, as well as at five other schools in the district, more than 200 volunteers visited to give their time and effort to improve the lives of those in Utah County.

Volunteers that came to Sunrise helped in a number of ways. Many spent their time repainting three storage sheds to restore their bright color and others got on their hands and knees to pull weeds in order to improve the school’s landscaping. The fun pirate ship the kids play on also got a makeover as volunteers sanded, stained, and repainted it.

Another project United Way and US Synthetic members took on involved painting playground games on the sidewalk where parents drop their children off. These games remain important because they involve numbers and letters, which will help build literacy among the preschoolers. Michael Ann, a representative from United Way contends that many students do not read at the grade level they should. By providing these sidewalk games, they can help play a role in the improvement of literacy skills in young children.

As a school, we feel grateful for all the help we and look forward to the next Day of Caring.


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